Improving capacity for designing and conducting VPA/FLEGT communication campaigns for VNGO-FLEGT network's members and local partners

Developing capacity for designing and conducting participatory community-based communication campaigns on FLEGT and forest governance has been the focus of SRD latest training course, which starts today and runs until April, 26. The course are held in the framework of the project Strengthening the capacity of CSOs and forest-dependent communities to effectively participate in the VPA process”, funded by EU FAO FLEGT Program.

The training course attracts 25 participants who are representatives of SRD and VNGO-FLEGT network’s member organizations as well as of local government officials of Phu Luong district (of Thai Nguyen province) and Yen Binh district (of Yen Bai province). The participants all have educational background and working experience in forestry, forest protection and forest extension.

Employing participatory training approach with emphasis on stakeholder participation and teamwork in problem solving, the course aims to provide the attendees with general understanding of communications campaign and activities and knowledge and skills to develop communication campaigns/materials on FLEGT/VPA and forest governance at district level.

After the training, communications campaigns will be conducted in the 2 districts, namely Phu Luong and Yen Binh in order to raise local people’s awareness of FLEGT, forest governance and issues related to their livelihood. Organizing these campaigns will also facilitate the identification of vulnerable groups in VPA/FELGT implementation process, thereby point out direction for LIA research of VNGO-FLEGT network which will be carried out in the two districts.

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