A Training Workshop on “Exploring the Potential of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) in Independent Monitoring”

From 14 to 18 Sep 2015, in Hoa Binh city, the Vietnamese Non-govermental Organization Network on Forest Law Enforcement, Goverance and Trade (VNGO-FLEGT) will organize the “Exploring the potential of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) in Independent Monitoring” training workshop for the Network members.

This training workshop should allow participants to understand what the added value of digital mapping as a powerful tool is in the advocacy toolbox, using Vietnam as a case study/example. By GIS, civil society organisations are supported to identify, analyze and use spatial data for advocacy purposes to benefit vulnerable forest communities.

Expected results of the 5 day training:

  • Participants increase their knowledge of the different data sources they can use to conduct digital mapping
  • Participants have an improved understanding of resource mapping and management using QGIS.
  • Participants are able to produce a map of a site based on satellite imagery and GPS data
  • Participants are able to elaborate an advocacy strategy and incorporate GIS data into this
  • Participants are able to communicate advocacy messages using GIS data
  • Participants are more confident to use spatial data for independent forest monitoring
  • anh QGIS

Quantum GIS Application

The GIS training will be based on practical and hypothetical examples to demonstrate the potential for ‘designing’ future landscapes that benefit vulnerable communities.A field visit will be organised to talk to local people about resource use.

SRD will gather general data as well as forestry and land use / classification in two targeted communes of Hoa Binh province where baseline studies were already conducted to establish an independent forest monitoring system.

The training has two international trainers who are Griffiths Geoffrey Hugh and Young David William from University of Reading. The Centre for Sustainable Rural Development (SRD) as the Chair of the Steering Committee of the VNGO-FLEGT Network is coordinating to organize this training workshop. 


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