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noi that hoa phat

United to develop


November 30th, 2019 was a day filled with laughter, applause, hugs, friendly handshakes, and story-telling between project participants, local partners, SRD staff, and project donors. The “Agro-biodiversity conservation and development for poor communities in response to Climate Change in Son La province (VM059)” project has created positive change, friendships, and growth that will continue to be multiplied in the future.

The activities were attended by Ms. Vu Thi Bich Hop, Chairwoman and Executive Director of SRD, Ms. Patricia Garrido Llamas, Senior Officer of Manos Unidas (MU), and Ms. Antonia Morales Perez, Southeast Asia Program Officer of MU. Additionally, Ms. Maria Rosa and Ms. Alexandra, representatives of the Real Madrid Fund visited Muoi Noi and Bon Phang communes in Thuan Chau district, Son La province to witness the festivities.

Many activities were carried out, including discussions with the leaders of the People's Committee of Muoi Noi Commune, the board of administrators of the Muoi Noi Commune Secondary School, representatives of the project participants at Bo and Nguong villages. Participants attended and observed the match between the two women's soccer teams of Bo village, Nguong village and an additional match between students in grades 4 and 5 of Muoi Noi primary school. Visits were conducted with households participating in the project and the agricultural fair of Thuan Chau district took place on the the 70th anniversary of Thuan Chau district's establishment.

During and after the visit, Ms. Patricia Garrido Llamas shared the following: “Last year, I was impressed by the positive participation, optimism and hospitality of the local authorities and people in the two project communes. This year, I am more than happy to see the positive impacts of the people in economic development, solidarity and community. I also appreciate the close and enthusiastic cooperation of the local authorities and SRD's partner, Son La Department of Plant Protection and Information in the process of supporting people and creating favorable conditions to be implemented effectively. We, Manos Unidas, are committed to accommodating and contributing towards the improvement and sustainable development of people’s lives.”

Regarding community activities, especially football, Ms. Patricia said, “I feel very happy that the women in the village often participate in football activities after the days of working hard. This activity not only helps women to practice sports and improve health, but also reduces stress and increases solidarity within the community. I’m also very impressed to learn that some coaches in women's football clubs are their husbands. I hope the club will continue to promote its community spirit and spread to many villages in the commune.”

Ms. Patricia’s feedback further motivates SRD, its partners, the local authorities, and the people in the project area to work together to carry out the project and achieve the goal of sustainable development within each household and the overall community.

Here are some pictures of the visit:

Ảnh 1

Representatives of Sponsor Manos Unidas, Real Madrid Fund, SRD Leaders and Muoi Noi Commune People's Committee take a souvenir photo with a painting donated by Bo soccer team member.

Ảnh 2

Sponsor and leader of SRD enthusiastically talk with the leaders of Muoi Noi Commune People's Committee, Muoi Noi Secondary School Board of Directors and representatives of members of the two women's football teams of Bo village and Nguong village. 

Ảnh 3

Representatives of the parties share a discussion at Muoi Noi Secondary School 

Ảnh 4

Great moments when attending the football match between the two women's teams of Bo village, Nguong village, who are also project participants.

Ảnh 5

Representative of Real Madrid Foundation exchanged with students of Muoi Noi Secondary School and participated in an extremely exciting football game between elementary school students in Muoi Noi Commune. 

Ảnh 6

The sponsor visited the representatives of the households participating in the project and was happy to see the people change more clearly than in 2018.

Ảnh 7

Attending an agricultural fair organized by Thuan Chau District People's Committee on the district's 70th anniversary.

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