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Participating "2019 Meeting for Cooperation and Development"

Throughout 2019, the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology (VUSTA), has continued to recognize SRD as one of thirteen Vietnamese organizations. SRD has stood out for its positive contributions to sustainable development and climate change response and Vietnam.

On December 10, 2019, VUSTA successfully organized the "2019 Meeting for Cooperation and Cevelopment" with participation from over two-hundred delegates, including leaders of Vietnamese ministries/branches, representative of international organizations, donors, scientists, media agencies, and leaders of VUSTA's science and technology organizations.
Ms. Vu Thi Bich Hop, Chair of the Board and Executive Director of SRD was invited to attend the event and to be a speaker in the roundtable discussion session. The roundtable included participation from VUSTA leaders and heads of representatives of international organizations in Vietnam, including directors from the Cooperation and Development Program, the Rosa Luxemburg Fund, CECR, and GIZ.
The meeting included presentations from VUSTA leaders, scientists, and representatives from international organizations and social organizations in Vietnam with the overall goal of cooperating, sharing, and contributing to the common development of Vietnam. In addition, the meeting showcased the opportunities for VUSTA’s Science and Technology organizations to further collaborate with Government Ministries/Agencies to increase implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
The round table discussion addressed topics relating to the procurement of funding and building relationships with donors. Ms. Hop shared her experience, stating that SRD has always tried its best to uphold its position with donors and partners. SRD has successfully the chaired two very prestigious networks in Vietnam, VNGO & CC and VNGO-FLEGT, with over 100 member organizations. Through this experience, SRD has learned not to prioritize funding, but to instead focus on connecting organizations and donors to increase sustainable development for the community and the country.
Representatives of the international organizations largely agreed, commenting on their continued support for Vietnam despite the reduction in available aid for the country. They confirmed that the changes have been a challenge for both Vietnamese and international organizations within Vietnam. They announced their eagerness to increase their flexibility and continue supporting projects that address climate change and other environmental problems in the country.
After the roundtable discussion, Ms. Hop was honored to receive the certificate of merit awarded by VUSTA Leadership for her outstanding contribution in 2019. This recognition will continue to motivate SRD in its work. The organization will continue to contribute to the overall development of Vietnam, teaching and advocating for sustainable development.IMG 9920

Overview of the event.

IMG 9927
Ms. Hop discussed with representatives of international organizations.
IMG 9946
Ms. Hop shared in the roundtable discussion.

IMG 9981
Ms. Hop was honored to receive a certificate of merit from VUSTA leaders.

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