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Community Forestry Management Workshop

On August 22 - 23 2011, SRD conducted a training course on "Community Forest Management in the Context of Climate Change", under the Climate Change Capacity Building project. Approximately 50 people attended the workshop, with participants from civil society organizations, government, the private sector and academics, both from Hanoi and neighboring provinces.

The workshop provided an introduction and overview to Community Forest Management, Community Forestry principles, and the importance of Community Forestry within the context of Vietnam. The workshop then covered the status of Community Forestry and Social Forestry Management in Vietnam, and the policy and legal framework that supports this. On the second day the workshop moved on to discuss the opportunities and challenges of REDD (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation).

This timely workshop was appreciated by participants, providing an opportunity to expand and deepen participants' knowledge on Community Forestry, as well as to contribute to discussions and build a dynamic network of people working in the fields of Community Forestry and climate change in Vietnam.

Community forestry management


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