SRD's Annual Donor Meeting 2013

On March 24th, the Centre for Sustainable Rural Development (SRD) held its Annual Donor Meeting at Hotel de l’Opera Hanoi in Hoan Kiem district with participation of SRD’s staff, donors and partners.

This is an important annual event for SRD to review and share its achievements during the past year as well as to tighten the relationship with donors and partners for further cooperation in the years to come.

To start the meeting, Mrs. Vu Thi Bich Hop, SRD’s executive director, gave opening remarks to officially welcome all the distinguished guests and to briefly introduce major intervention by SRD based on the factual situation in different project areas. Following the opening speech, a short photo clip was presented, highlighting the issues SRD is tackling, how it is tackling them, and what they accomplished in 2013. The significance of the clip lied in the figures telling the number of beneficiaries whose livelihood capacity and market access were improved and who directly took part and implemented communication activities through SRD program in 2013. After the video there was even a short quiz for all the meeting participants to make the atmosphere more exciting!

IMG 5871

Ms Hop giving opening remarks

2013 marked SRD’s strong development in terms of funding mobilization, intervention and organizational consolidation. A series of training and workshops had been organized to enable SRD together with its staff to adapt to changing environment and to confirm its position on the way of becoming one of the leading Vietnamese non-government organizations. As a result, in the meeting, a number of presentations were given by independent consultants and partners, including Organizational Capacity Assessment by Winrock International, Succession plan by CECEM and Institutional Development and Organizational Strengthening by MDF.

On this occasion, SRD also confirmed its reliable capacity in financial management, staff competencies and focal strategy for the coming years. Heading to 2014, SRD continues to pursue the objectives that were identified in its 5 year-strategic plan 2013-2017 with a focus on the key areas of Sustainable Agriculture, Climate Change, Forest Governance, FLEFT, REDD, Research and Advocacy, People with Disabilities, Child Protection and Gender Mainstreaming.

      IMG 6055DSC 0785

           A Caritas Australia representative giving her opinions on SRD                          A candid shot of someSRD staff and advisory board

The meeting was also a good opportunity for SRD to acknowledge the spiritual and financial support as well as directive suggestions given by its donors and the close collaboration by its partners. As Mrs. Hop, SRD Executive Director said “We highly appreciate the practical and effective supports of our donors, partners and other related parties. On behalf of SRD, I would like to express our commitment to using the sponsored funds efficiently to bring positive impacts in our fields of interests”.

Overall, the meeting was a great success, and achieved its goal of communicating SRD’s work and achievements in 2013. The day was filled with many insightful and important presentations, and was a great chance for meaningful exchanges between SRD and their stakeholders. 

donor meeting

All participants of the meeting


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