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People with Disabilities, together with community, prevent the spread of Covid-19 epidemic

On April 21st, 2020, the Centre for Sustainable Rural Development (SRD) collaborated with the People's Committee of Gio An Commune and the Health Station of Gio An Commune to organize the communication activity named "People with Disabilities join hands to prevent Covid-19”. The activity was organized to communicate to prevent the acute respiratory infections caused by a new strain of virus (Covid-19), in the context of the epidemic in Vietnam; To provide guidance for people with disabilities (PWD), children with disabilities (CwD) and their relatives to protect their health and that of their families; To increase the participation of PwD, CwD and their relatives in disease prevention, and with the community to reverse the spread of Covid-19 epidemic.
The activity witnessed the participation of nearly 40 members in the Gio An PwD club. The communication activity was divided into four turn. Regarding the necessity of the activity, Mr. Le Phuoc Hieu, who is Vice Chairman of People's Committee of Gio An Commune, shared: “Communication activitiy not only supports PwD to grasp the proactive measures which against Covid but also helps the family members and neighbors have chance to access to the information. These will reach people in the community to help control the disease”.
Mr. Ho Ngoc Mung, who is Head of Gio An Commune PwD Club, shared: “The Covid-19 epidemic has a global impact, so my family is no exception. The travel restriction caused my wife's daily business to be interrupted due to lack of goods. Everyday, I get information via TV and radio. This activity helps me as well as everyone realize the seriousness of the epidemic and the project information transmitted to people is easy to understand”. Another member said: “The activity is helpful for PwD to understand, to take care of and protect themselves as well as their family members. This disease affected my daily life. Apart from being limited to shop in food market, the agricultural products that I produced could not be consumed because traders were not allowed to do business, so did I. I got about 90% of the Covid information before coming here, but thanks to attending this activity, I understood more deeply and clearly, especially the way to wash my hands properly.”
The project “Empowering People with Disabilities”, which was funded by Caritas Australia and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DIFAT) of Australia, organized this communication activity. The activities were adjusted to the epidemic situation to ensure safety for all stakeholder joining the project. The activity will be continuously replicated in other communes in the coming time.

Below are some photos of the activity.  

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