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“This trip has brought me experiences and knowledge and a chance to learn from the farmers here. I like the model of banana growing combined with cow raising which is quite suitable for my current condition. I will apply it when coming back”. Mrs. Nguyen Thi Hoai – a member of the club for PwDs (people with disabilities) in Phong Binh commune, shared her thoughts.

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Experience exchange at Valley Farm

Mr. Pham Van Lac in Gio Hai said: “It is impressive to observe how they do their business because this is a mountainous terrain but they have been able to grow flowers combined with fish farming and tourism services. The model should be diversified to attract the visitors”.

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Experience exchange at Valley Farm

“The knowledge shared is very relevant. Through the trip, I know that farming should combine cultivation, husbandry, multi-animal, multi-tree and more business services to boost efficiency and reduce the risks. We can make it work with the little capital but we have to be persistent. After the trip, I am planning to start a small model in the home garden that combines cultivation with livestock. We as the club members can also work together.”

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Experience exchange at Tan Hop Co-operative

Mr. Pham Van Phuoc, Head of Club for PwDs in Gio Hai commune, Cluster II: “Model of cultivation combined with animal husbandry is quite effective to help make use of foodstuff, such as growing vegetables to feed pigs while raising cows and pigs to make manure for growing vegetables and flowers. I will think of growing more safe vegetables in the garden with ready-grown flowers and small livestock raising. After the trip, I will share learnt knowledge and gained experience with other members for their possible application and collaboration”.

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Experience exchange at Tan Hop Co-operative

Above are a number of participants’ sharing after the study trip to Huong Hoa district, Quang Tri province for two days from March 29th- 30th, 2021. The aim is to enable the members of newly set-up clubs for PwDs and Parent groups to exchange experiences in implementing household and group livelihood activities. The trip was organized as part of the project “Empower people with disabilities” funded by Caritas Australia and the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade through the Centre for Sustainable Rural Development (SRD).


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