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Sustainable Agriculture


Sustainable Agriculture & Livelihoods



Sustainable agriculture and livelihoods, which have always been a key area of SRD, are reflected in projects. These projects focus on sustainable agriculture with adaptive and resilient livelihood models to climate change impacts. Additionally, these projects aim to increase people’s income for people in rural and mountainous areas, especially women and ethnic minorities; to support hunger eradication and poverty alleviation simultaneously; to protect the ecological environment; to minimize greenhouse gas emissions and the destructive impact of climate change; and to empower local communities to sustainably manage their own livelihoods and living environment.

The SRD has been implementing Climate-resilient Agricultural Adaptation (CAA), Climate Resilient Agriculture (CRA), and Climate Change-Resilient Agriculture and Agroforestry systems. The SRD’s projects also encourage participation and empower people in decision-making in local socio-economic development and production activities.


Mitigation and adaptation to climate change in the agricultural and forestry sector of the north-west highlands – VM070

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