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Climate Change

Climate change poses an urgent threat to the progress of development in Vietnam. With a coastline that stretches more than 3,000km, it is expected to be one of the countries worst impacted by climate change and rising sea levels.

SRD is committed to helping poor and vulnerable people to adapt and mitigate the devastating impacts of climate change. On-the-ground, our projects range from livelihood adaptation, disaster preparedness and emergency response capacity. In addition to our successful community based interventions, SRD has led the capacity development of other grass roots NGOs to respond to climate change. It is an active member of a number of local and international networks, promoting the sharing and learning climate change knowledge.

To view a list of our Climate Change projects over the past eight years, click here.

To view a map of all of our current projects, click here.

The impacts of climate change are already being felt by vulnerable communities in Vietnam, including poor farmers, women and disadvantaged people who rely on agriculture, land and water resources for their livelihoods. Climate change is not as issue that stands alone, but is closely linked to food security, clean water, irrigation, sanitation, land management and poverty reduction.

SRD is committed to developing community resilience to climate change, supporting vulnerable people to adapt and mitigate its impacts. Our recent community based interventions include:

• Climate change capacity building for civil society organizations in Vietnam. (2009-2011)

• Applying value chain to improve livelihoods in the context of climate change and natural disasters in Ha Tinh. (2012-2014)

• Community-based disaster risks management and reduction in Thua Thien Hue province. (2010-2013)

• Farmers piloting the System of Rice Internsification (SRI) toward climate response in Bac Kan province. (2011-2012)

SRD has played a leading role in connecting and building the capacity of local NGOs to respond to climate change.

We are a founding member and Chair of the Steering Committee of the Vietnamese NGO Climate Change Network (VNGO&CC). The network was founded in September 2008 with the aim of supporting the Government’s efforts to help the poor respond to climate change, and operational regulations issued in reaction to climate change. There are currently more than 300 organisations and individuals registered to the network. To visit the VNGO&CC website, click here.

SRD is also a core group member of the Climate Change Working Group (CCWG), the VNGO-FLEGT and an active member of REDD Vietnam network. As a key member of these organizations, SRD collaborates with a wide range of stakeholders, and is closely involved in policy advocacy at the local, national and global level.

We strongly believe that climate response cannot be effective without collaboration and advocacy at an international level. SRD regularly provides practical recommendations to policy makers and donor agencies through forums and networks at the local and international level. Since 2009, we have shared our experience and recommendations at theUNFCCC’s Meeting and Conference of Parties (COP), Asia Pacific Climate Change Adaptation Forum and Asia Pacific and REDDnet.

In addition to our climate change specific projects, SRD also mainstreams climate change into all of our projects. 

SRD employees, especially program officers, have been trained in climate change, and a guideline has been developed to assist them to consider climate change considerations in their projects. In addition to a strong climate change team,SRD has a Climate Change Focal Person to assist staff with mainstreaming climate change into livelihood projects effectively. Within SRD, in early 2012 we developed an internal Green Office policy which has been adopted by all staff and is closely monitored by our Green Office Team.

SRD also explores opportunities for grassroots communities and small-scale farmers to contribute to climate change mitigation.

Though fossil fuel consumption is the biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions, agriculture accounts for a surprisingly large share of these planet-warming gases, most notably the gas methane. Through its work on SRI(the System of Rice Intensification), SRD is working with rice farmers to significantly reduce their methane emissions while at the same time increasing incomes and plant resilience, and reducing the need for scarce irrigation water. Our mitigation works also extends to implementation of a Community Forestry Management project in Lao Cai province, active participation in the REDDnet network and our leading role in the the CSO’s FLEGT network.

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