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noi that hoa phat

The forums on the roles of forests

In the framework of the project “Mitigation and Adaptation to Climate change Mitigation and adaptation to climate change in the agriculture and forestry sector of the north-western highlands” sponsored by Bread for the World, between 25th and 28th March, 2021, Center for Sustainable Rural Development (SRD) has organized 04 forums in 4 communes (Muoi noi, Bon Phang, Nam Lau and Chieng Pha), Thuan Chau district, Son La province in collaboration with Son La province Forest Protection Department (FPD), People Committee of Thuan Chau District and Department of Crop Production and Plant Protection. The forums which focused on the role of forests in climate change with the participation of 140 representatives of households participating in forest protection and poor/near-poor households, included 114 men, 26 women, 32 poor households and 30 near-poor households in the project villages of 4 communes. The forums also had the participation of representatives of Son La province FPD and the Cultivation and Plant Protection Department, representatives of the Agriculture Division – the People Committee and the FPD of Thuan Chau District, representatives of the People Committees of 04 project communes, and the journalists of the Cultural Media Center of Thuan Chau District.

diễn đàn vai trò rừng

Project manager opening the forum

nhóm chuyên gia SRD trình bày tại diến đàn

The SRD expert group presenting at the forum

The forums were organized to raise awareness of the villagers and the local leaders on the role of forests in combating e the impacts of climate change and the importance of conserving and protecting the existing forest areas in the locality. Moreover, through the forums, the people in 04 communes were exchanged information about forest status and its functions in the district, as well as in the project communes and villages; the role of forest in combating the effects of frost, drought, and flash floods, regulating water resources, storing carbon, improving water storage, preventing erosion. Representatives of the households also discussed together about the cause of deforestation and forest degradation, which leads to extreme weather phenomenon in the locality.

chuyên gia hướng dẫn người dân tham gia thảo luận nhóm

Experts guide people in group discussion

 người dân tham gia thảo luận nhóm

People participate in group discussion

diễn đàn rừng


Representative of Thuan Chau District Forest Protection Department presented at the Forum

At the end of the forums, the participants understood the importance of conserving the forest, strengthening forest management and protection to contribute to minizing forest degradation in the context of the increasingly clear impacts of climate change in Thuan Chau district in general and in 04 project communes in particular.

trình bày kết quả thảo luận nhóm

Presentation on the results of group discussion

chụp ảnh bế mạc tại diến đàn

Closing picture at the forum


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