"Forest- dependent communities' benefits should be prioritised in the policies of timber and non-timber products harvesting and salvage". This was a sentence mentioned many times by delegates who represented Civil Society Organizations in the Recommendation Workshop, which aimed to replace Circular 35/2011/TT-BNNPTNT - the implementation guide of timber and non-timber products harvesting and salvage. The workshop was organized by VNGO- FLEGT on March 15, 2016, in Hanoi.

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Mr. Truong Tat Do - An Official of Scientific & Technological and International Cooperation Department (Vietnam Administration of Forestry)- presented in the workshop

During the past years, the implementation of this Circular has met requirements on management of timber harvesting activities. As well as this, it created a favourable condition for organizations and households following the document to regulate forest product harvesting in a way that meets the local production situation. Because sustainable forest development requires restructuring forest categories, international integration, reform of administrative procedures and several legal documents, the Vietnam Forest Administration is compiling and publishing a new circular to replace Circular 35. This fifth draft is an on-going process to collect the inputs from other individuals and organizations.


Nearly 30 representatives attended the workshop 

VNGO-FLEGT network includes many organization currently supporting forest-dependent communities, therefore the recommendation of the network for this draft is an opportunity to ensure the communities' benefits. The Steering Committee of the network called members and network's partners to contribute their ideas on this draft (based on community consultations and other local agencies). There were many members and partners who sent recommendations for the Steering Committee, such as Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Lung, Director of the Institution of Sustainable Forest Management and Forest Certification; Consultative and Research Center on Natural Resource Management; Union of Science and Technology Association Gia Lai province; Agricultural and Forestry Research and Development Center for Northern Mountainous Region; Yen Bai Center for Development of Science Technology and Community Health Care; Forest Trend; and many others. 

Nguyễn Ngọc Lung - Viện trưởng Viện Quản lý rừng bền vững và chứng chỉ rừng chia se trong hoi thao

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Lung - Director of Reseach Institute for Sustainable Forest Management and Forest Certification - shared his ideas

On March 15, 2016, representatives of 28 organizations and partners participated in the workshop in Hanoi to send a joint recommendation of the network to VNFOREST. In the workshop, after presentations of some members, and group discussions for each article in the fifth draft, the delegates finally found common points together and consolidated a joint recommendation.
It is expected to be sent to VNFOREST by the representative of Steering Committee of VNGO-FLEGT network on March 18, 2016. 

4-Mr Thang chia se voi hoi thao

Mr. Tran Nam Thang - Deputy Director of Consultative and Research Center on Natural Resource Management - shared his ideas

3-Mr Danh chia se tai hoi thao

Mr. Nguyen Danh - President of Gia Lai Union of Science and Technology Association shared his ideas 



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