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Organizing 16 meetings to: i) Establish 14 farmer groups (FG) with 360 households and 2 groups with 40 landless households: ii) Elect the management; iii) Develop operational guidelines and mechanisms (VM069)

  • From 20 to 23 June and from 11 to 19 September 2021, SRD, in collaboration with the Women’s Union in Ca Mau, conducted 16 meetings with the total participants of 332 local people (of which 142 are women, accounting for 42.7%) to establish 16 Farmer Groups (FGs) in Tam Giang PFMB and Mui Ca Mau National Park (8 groups per project area).

    Operating regulations, including the list of members and mechanisms to cooperate and coordinate among the different product groups with Tam Giang PFMB and Mui, Ca Mau National Park, were discussed and developed. Participating in interest groups would improve production, business, disaster prevention, response to climate change, and learn pilot production models that bring economic efficiency for members. In addition, the operation of FGs would contribute to enhancing forest protection and abolishing illegal logging, facilitating climate-friendly, ecological multi-aquaculture in mangrove forests and businesses along the value chain. 

For more detailed information, you can refer to the report: 

Thành lập nhóm sở thích (FG) - đợt 1

Thành lập nhóm sở thích (FG) - đợt 2

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