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Technical training: For livelihood, diversification introduce new and improve the existing livelihoods in open water in mangrove forests for FG like Mangrove clam, and carry out 09 annual Silvi-aquaculture technical training (VM069)

09 training courses on aquaculture techniques under the forest canopy and accounting business, household economic management in 02 project areas was carried out with the cooperation of SRD and Women’s Union in Ca Mau in June (From 24 to 29) and September (from 12 to 27) 2021. There were 227 local people participating in the training courses, of which 83 are women.

Participating in the training course, local people has the opportunities to understand the process of raising blood cockles in combination with shrimp farming, mantis shrimp farming, and clam farming, as well as skills in business planning and product marketing. Participants also practiced aquaculture techniques and opened a logbook to keep track of the model of raising oysters, snails, and clams.

For more detailed information, you can refer to the report:

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