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Handing over the revolving fund for livelihood development

Mrs. Le Thi Huyen Trang, a mother of a child with disability (CwD) in Trung Son commune said “Last year, I got five million dong from this fund for raising ducks and chickens. However, Due to the natural disasters, there was also more or less impact. This year, I decided to borrow 10 million dong to continue raising livestock. I will divide it into installments to limit risks and unforeseen epidemics. For example, I will invest the first three million dong to raise 100 chickens. Until the chickens are about from 1-1.3kg/each and ready to be sold, then I will raise another litter or invest in raising others. This will help ensure investment and profit as well as mitigate risks in livestock raising.”


Mr. Le Hoa, a member of the club for PwD in Trung Hai commune shared “This is the third time I could access the loan. Last year I borrowed 10 million dong and added some more to purchase two buffaloes for raising. They have given birth to two calves which were then sold for 25 million dong. We were very excited. This year, I will continue with buffaloes and even with raising shrimp and crab in the pond at the back of the house for more income”.



Mr. Mai Van Thu, a PwD in Gio My commune told us during our discussion “I got a loan of five million dong to raise sow pig because the pig-sty is available. I am planning to raise from two to three sow pigs with a hope that they will give the first litter of piglets after 7-8 months. I will then sell for money or keep raising them up for some time if it is convenient”.

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Sang, a caregiver in Gio Quang commune said happily “This is my first time to access this fund. I will use for raising pigs for meat in about 5-6 months for sale. If it is going well, I will raise some more chickens and ducks to generate more income for our family”.



Above are shared by some of the people with disabilities (PwDs) and their caregivers in the handing over the revolving fund for livelihood development within the project “Empowering people with disabilities” funded by Caritas Australia and DFAT via the Centre for Sustainable Rural Development (SRD). During the days from August 25 to 27, 2021, an amount of 668 million Dong from the revolving fund for livelhood development was disbursed to 100 households having PwD and CwD in eight communes in Gio Ling district, Quang Tri province. The fund was designed to enable the PwD/CwD households to access for livelihood development with an aim to diversify their income sources and generate stable income for a better life of PwD. 


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