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An additional amount of money for a comfortable and fulfilled Tet Holiday

      Eight Village Savings and Loan Association (VSLA) groups, which were established in March 2018 in Muoi Noi and Bon Phon communes, inspired 231 households with about 70 percent of which is poor and near-poor households to participate. After a 9 – month operation, eight groups had conducted the 2018 finalization to divide shares and interest to each member. The amount of savings and interest was not a lot, however, it has brought inspiration and a connection between all members of the VSLA groups. More than 140 households have received loans from eight groups for farming, breeding, rice purchase, school fees payment, health care services and house repairs. Moreover, visits to members who struggle and have illnesses have positively supported them in life.This was shared by 321 members from eight VSLA groups in the 2018 finalization conducted at the end of January 2019.
      This activity was in the framework of the project "Agro-biodiversity conservation and development for poor communities in response to Climate Change in Thuan Chau district, Son La province" under the sponsor of the Bread for the World and the Manos Unidas.


Below are some photos from the visit:

Cán bộ SRD hướng dẫn nhóm VSLA làm tất toán

SRD programme officer instructed VSLA groups to do the 2018 final settlement

Giao sổ VSLA để từng thành viên kiểm tra và tự đếm số cổ phần của mình trong cả năm


VSLA notebooks were given to each member to check and count their own shares after a year

Ban quản lý nhóm VSLA tổng hợp tổng tiền gốc và lãi của cả nhóm để chuẩn bị chia cho từng thành viên


VSLA managerment team summed up the principal and interest of the whole group to divide to each member

thumbnail Một số thành viên lên nhận tiền tất toán năm 2018 sau khi đã chia gốc và lãi



VSLA management team was caculating and paying money to each member according to their total contribution of principal and interest in 2018

Các thành viên đếm số cổ phần và ký nhận tiền sau khi tất toán


All members counted their shares and signed to receive money 

Báo cáo


An informative finalization record of one of 8 VSLA groups

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