A communications training workshop on Payments for Forest Environmental Services for the Women’s Association in Nghe An

From June 9th to June 10th 2015, SRD teamed up with Vietnam Forests and Deltas (VFD), the Women’s Association and the Forest Protection and Development fund in the two provinces of Nghe An and Thanh Hoa to organize a communications training workshop on behavior change communication with regards to the Payment for Forest Environmental Services policy (PFES). The participants of the workshop were 34 female key officials from communes and districts in which PFES has been implemented. These are the Tuong Duong, Que Son and Ky Son districts of Nghe An province, and the Thuong Xuan, Ba Thuoc, Muong Lat, Quan Son, Quan Hoa districts of Thanh Hoa province.

PFES Nghe An3

Participants doing teamwork

The training workshop aimed to increase public awareness of PFES policy for communes and districts located in PFES’ project sites. During the two-day workshop, participants learned the contents of PFES policy, how to identify target groups and key communications messages, write communication news and organize a women-led communications workshop on PFES.  

PFES Nghe An 1

A participant presenting her team's ideas 

Thanks to the workshop, participants are better able to develop the key messages on forest sustainable management and PFES in their respective localities to service communications activities. They also acquired essential skills to build ideas for communications materials such as brochures, panels, posters and short films. News regarding communications within PFES will also be integrated into the Women’s Associations activities.

PFES-Nghe-An-2Participants and trainers

***The VFD project, funded by USAID from 2013 to 2017, is being implemented by Winrock International, SNV, American Red Cross, Vietnam Red Cross and SRD. Alongside Vietnam USAID, the project is striving to support of four provinces in accelerating their transition to low-emission development, sustainable agriculture and climate change adaptation through the reduction of emissions and strengthening people’s response capacity.


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