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Training on the technique of building banana cycle

Recently, SRD organized two training sessions on techniques of building banana cycle and method of making organic fertilizers and organic padding for 23 teachers and pupils from Dong Dat Primary School and around 140 students and lectures from University of Agriculture and Forestry of Thai Nguyen. Nearly 100 local people of 20 villages in Dong Dat commune were also invited to join this session. These activities are under the project named "Towards a Non-toxic environment in South East Asia" funded by PAN-AP and implemented by SRD. The overall objectives of this project are increasing public awareness about applying eco-agricultural solutions and creating pesticide-free buffer zones around schools for child protection.

By applying participatory approach and on-the-job training method, participants were encouraged to discuss and share the practice of using pesticides in agriculture. Effective ways of using banana cycle for agricultural/organic wastes treatments at household level were also introduced and shared with participants. After theoretical sessions, all participants were guided with practical activities outside the classroom, along with specific questions and answers. Such training and sharing sessions were very useful for local farmers, enabling them to apply eco-agricultural methods into practice.

"We have planted a lot of banana trees in our garden; however, our family members have no idea about what to do with the wastes after the harvest of banana. Now, I have learnt how to make banana cycle to utilize banana tree's bodies, daily wastes, and dung to made bio-fertilizers for cultivating rice and vegetables. More importantly, I am willing to share this experience with other families in the commune for their application. We hope to reduce environmental pollution with this practical solution", shared Mr. Nguyen Van Thai, a farmer in Ngoi village, Dong Dat commune.

"Since awareness raising campaigns were organized in our school, I myself, all teachers and student are fully understand the benefits and advantages of applying traditional agricultural methods with limited usage of chemical pesticides in farming and gardening. Especially, I am very interested in the banana cycle for making organic fertilizer at household level. We will encourage our students and teachers to practice this method in our school garden", added Mr. Nguyen Tien Thang, the Principal of Dong Dat number 1.

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