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Annual meeting to dialogue on forest change monitoring

On May 26 and 27, 2022, SRD collaborated with Vietnam Administration of Forestry (VNFOREST), the Forest Protection Department, the Science and Technology Association for Forest Protection and Biodiversity of Quang Tri province to hold an annual meeting with the aim of "Reviewing the results of the implementation of FCIM and CFMS in monitoring forest changes, considering the possibility of continuation and replication in other communes”. The meeting successfully took place with the participation of nearly 30 members from commune, district and provincial competent agencies.


Within the framework of the meeting, the participants shared the second year results of the project "Dialogue on sustainable forest development in Vietnam", the results of the CFMS app application in forest change verification, protection and management at communes, and districts in Quang Tri. During the meeting, the participants also discussed and received comments to bring out the relevance, effectiveness and possible replication of CFMS in forest monitoring through the FCIM working group.

Reviewing the project results during nearly the past two years, Mr. Tran Van Ty, Director of the Provincial Forest Protection Department said that through the application of CFMS and periodic and ad-hoc forest change patrols as well as communication and dialogue activities; community people’s awareness in monitoring forest changes had been improved initially. Community involvement with the Patrol Teams in monitoring forest changes is very important. FCIM has provided good support to the forest rangers in the area in verifying the change points and timely solutions to prevent accordingly. Mr. Ty also proposed the stakeholders to consider applying CFMS and FCIM to emission reduction programs and sustainable forest management aiming to integrate forests with all three economic, environmental and social functions, which is the harmonious combination between the state and local communities in order to balance current and future needs.

Speaking at the end of the meeting, Dr. Nguyen Phu Hung - Deputy Director of SRD express his thanks to the Forest Protection Department, the Provincial Science, Technology and Biodiversity Association, the District People's Committee and the District Forest Protection Station, the People's Committees of three communes and community groups for their collaboration during the project implementation. From the results of using CFMS in three communes, SRD would like to propose the project local partners to maintain and possibly replicate the CFMS to other communes and forest protection groups for their access and using in providing relevant information to competent agencies.


Concluding the meeting, Mr. Pham Van Dien - Deputy Director General, VNFOREST highly appreciated the project's results and the applicability of CFMS and FCIM guidelines in a larger scale. Also, he recommendaed the stakeholders (i) to further support and guide the CFMS through to forest rangers and managers in the area, to possibly replicate and to continue using; (ii) to expand other used programs and software workable on a larger area such as the area from Quang Binh onwards; and (iii) to feasibly develop projects focused on livelihood improvements for local communities participating in monitoring community forest changes with the motto of using international resources for international issues whereas using local resources to solve local ones.


This activitiy is held within the scope of the project "Sustainable Forest Development Dialogue" funded by UNDEF through SRD, which have ben implemented in Dakrong district, Quang Tri province from 7/2020 to 6/2022..

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