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Meeting to share on technical Forest Resource Monitoring System

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On December 29, 2020, SRD collaborated with the Forest Protection Department and the Science and Technology Association for Forest Protection and Biodiversity in Quang Tri province to hold a meeting to share information on the technical Forest Resource Monitoring System for communities in Dong Ha city, Quang Tri province. Attending the meeting were 35 representatives to the forestry state management agencies in Quang Tri province and representatives of community teams/groups in the three project communes.

The meeting aims to share and consult stakeholders, especially the government officers on how to use effectively the Forest Resource Monitoring System and on coordination mechanism to efficiently extract information from the system. Therefore, members have actively discussed the strengths of the system such as being used on smartphones, reducing the cost of equipment; data transferring quickly, transparency in information fluctuations, more convenient in reporting; At the same time, members of community groups are also trained on the system. In addition, many comments also raised about the shortcomings of this system, such as only verifying information on deforestation points rather than the previous forecast, the source of the image was not appropriate that in the Section image background only reaching 0.3ha is the deforestation detected; the variable points are viewable but do not block to update on the system upon reforestation or deforestation, only compatible with Android smartphones, etc.

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Participants also said that for this is a monitoring tool in forest management, it is necessary to have a management and coordination mechanism related to the operation of the system, such as screening information before posting it from the community to Local forest rangers and CPC for handling; decentralization of administration, use and access.

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Mr. Nguyen Phu Hung - SRD's Deputy Director - gave his speech at the meeting

In order for the system to be completed before being applied, the participants also agreed to request the People's Committee of Dakrong district to make a decision to establish a working group and to implement the group's operation regulations soon for the team to operate effectively and contribute to forest change monitoring in the project area.

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