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Refresh training in photovoice

Mr. V.T, who is Member of Trung Son PwDs Club, shared: “I am old already but I enjoy the training a lot. I won the "active participation" award in the contest "Photovoice and change story on the day for PwDs on April 18th 2020" recently making me extremely excited. Hopefully, the project will organize many storytelling using photos competitions so that we can write more change stories and practice taking photos.”

Mr. B.X.B, who is the Head of Gio Viet PwDs Club, shared: “I attended the last photovoice training but have not fully applied yet. I took photos by smart phone to write the change story on 18th April so the quality was not good enough. Not with the camera provided by the project, the club will maintain and use for the project activities. From now on, we will have the camera to take photos for the whole club.”

The activity "Refresh training on photovoice" was held by the Centre for Sustainable Rural Development (SRD) on May 14th in Gio Hai commune. The purpose of this training is to refresh and improve photography skills to tell stories for members of 9 PwDs Clubs in the project area, through which they can share and spread the stories of change of PwDs, CwDs and their care givers in the process of participating in the project.

There was 30 members of 9 PwDs Club in the communes, who were basically trained for the last time and participated in the “Storytelling by using photos competition” on the occasion of the Vietnamese day for People with Disabilities celebrated on April 18, 2020. This activity is implemented within the framework of the project "Empowering People with Disabilities," funded by Caritas Australia and DFAT.

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