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Community educational playground on International Children's Day June 1st 2020

Joining the atmosphere of “Action Month for Children” in June 2020, the Centre for Sustainable Rural Development (SRD) collaborated with the PwDs clubs and the parents groups of children with disabilities (CWDs) to organize the community educational playground for CwDs and their siblings to learn and exchange in Gio Chau, Gio My, Trung Son, Trung Hai and Phong Binh communes on 30th - 31st, May, 2020. The activity has contributed to promote inclusion of CwD, their families and the community, and to increase their confidence and independence in a crowd.

Mrs. Mai Thi Nhung, who is mother of Bui Van Thien, is a member of the parents group of Phong Binh commune (which used to belong to Gio Binh commune and then curently merged into Gio Phong commune so its name became Phong Binh commune), shared ”This is the first time I participate in the project activities for CwDs. Previously, when Gio Phong and Gio Binh communes had not been merged yet, there was no club in Gio Binh commune. Day for children was only held in the village for all children. When having chance to join the activity with the parents who have similar situation, I feel empathetic, very happy and excited”.

Mrs.Nguyen Thi My Huong, who is member of parents of CwD in Phong Binh Commune: “My child is currently studying at the specialized school for PwDs in Quang Tri Province. In the Mid-Autumn Festival or on June 1st annually, I let her join her friends at school because there are no groups or clubs in the commune. This is the first time that she and I come here to participate in the project activities. I think it is very meaningful, partly to help children to be brave and to be more included. Hopefully after the two communes are merged, I will be able to participate more with the club and the project”.

The boy named. Ph.V.Ph (9 years old – CwD in Gio My commune) shared: “I am very happy. Today there are many friends to play with, there are even candies and balloons. I want to go to this community based class to color, to learn letters with my friends, to read poetry, to sing and later I can read for my parents and other people.”

This activity is implemented within the framework of the project "Empowering People with Disabilities," funded by Caritas Australia and DFAT.

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