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On October 15th, 2019, in response to the 16 Days of Global Action on Agroecology, SRD collaborated with partners in Son La province to organize the workshop “Thai youth on the journey to rehabilitate and preserve local sticky rice varieties towards agroecology”. The objectives of the workshop were as follows: To raise awareness for the people, young people, especially young women on the benefits of practicing climate smart agriculture; to conserve the biodiversity and rehabilitate/ preserve Thai’s specialty sticky rice varieties in Son La.
The workshop was attended by approximately 85 people from Son La province, the specialized departments of Thuan Chau district, the People's Committee of Muoi Noi commune and 60 people in the four project implementing villages of Muoi Noi commune.
Villagers and participants spent more than three hours presenting, sharing and discussing topics including eco-agriculture and its value to people, the conservation and development of biodiversity, especially agricultural biodiversity for food security and indigenous cultural values. Additionally, the rehabilitation and preservation of indigenous rice varieties in a climate smart agriculture was discussed. 

Ảnh 1
 Delegates and local people exchanged ideas concerning techniques to restore native sticky rice in the demonstration field.

Ảnh 2
People from the four project villages took pictures with the workshop participants.

Ảnh 3
 The performance of a women famer group in the project village.

Ảnh 4
 Participants share knowledge about identifying local sticky rice varieties.

Ảnh 5
Representatives of households that have been using the technique of rehabilitate local rice varieties at home.

Ảnh 6
Representatives of local people and delegates attended the souvenir photography workshop at the hall.

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