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SRD – A meaningful journey of Connecting and Sharing

In the last ten years of its development, SRD has been receiving kind support from a wide range of international donors in different areas. Their valuable support has contributed to our work over the years to create positive and sustainable change for the poor communities and vulnerable people in Vietnam, and makes our mission come true as well.
We would like to introduce an article written by Mrs. Patricia Garrido Llamas, Head of the Southeast Asia Desk of Manos Unidas (Spain) as a special present to SRD in the first working days of the Lunar New Year 2017.

SRD – A meaningful journey of Connecting and Sharing

2016 has been a benchmark year for SRD. It has marked the 10th anniversary of a leading organization in Vietnam that I have been fortunate enough to know and work with for the past six years, as Head of the Southeast Asia desk at one of its main international partners, the Spanish NGO Manos Unidas.

This has been a remarkable year that has put the end to a remarkable decade during which we have seen a new generation of SRD's staff develop their capacity to manage very large projects None of the organization's achievements would have been possible without the dedication and commitment of these hard-working men and women who travel long hours and spend many nights away from their homes in order to help alleviate poverty, improve food security and develop sustainable livelihoods in rural Vietnam.

Over the past ten years, SRD has become the leading NGO in Vietnam working alongside farmers and rural communities in order to find solutions addressing their livelihood struggles. They have added a significant number of large projects to their portfolio and have succeeded in getting the support of a wide part of the international development community, including international NGOs, governments and supra-nationals. They have conducted extensive high-quality research that has led them to explore and develop new agricultural techniques that are resilient to the increasingly unpredictable changes in climate and to provide farmers with these adaptative technologies.

SRD has continued its careful work in building good relationships with all stakeholders involved, not only the farmers themselves, but also the relevant government authorities, at district, provincial and national level. Its excellent work with small community based organizations has helped them to acquire the capacity they need to achieve their mandate successfully. SRD has also been very active, through membership and leadership of various groups and networks, in advocacy on issues such as climate change or forest governance.

The year 2016 has represented a period of consolidating past achievements and all the learning gained from them, while responding to new challenges for the poor and disadvantaged in Vietnam. During the past year, SRD has accomplished a great deal in order to fulfill its mission and bring about change by contributing to the reduction of poverty, promoting grassroots democracy and protecting the human rights of communities and vulnerable persons through capacity building and community empowerment.

We at Manos Unidas feel honoured and proud to have unfailingly supported SRD's work for the past ten years. We see SRD continuing to expand its role as a leading organization that works to improve the livelihoods of farmers by developing and disseminating innovations in ecological agriculture and natural resource management as well as by building competent and self-reliant farmers' organizations.

We look forward to another successful year of working together in 2017.

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Mrs. Patricia Garrido Llamas (in the middle), Head of the Southeast Asia Desk of Manos Unidas (Spain), in a field trip to visit projects implemented in projected sites of Thai Nguyen province, Vietnam

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