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Vocational orientation for people with disabilities

On the 30th and 31st of August 2013, as part of the SRD's project in Gio Linh district, Quang Tri province "Supporting people with disabilities (PwD)" funded by Caritas Australia, a workshop on vocational orientation for PwD was organized. At the workshop, 27 participants and a facilitator from the Department for Labor, Invalids Soldiers and Social Affairs of Quang Tri province had a discussion on current disability employment situation and suitable occupational direction for PwD.

vocational orientation 1

A participant is presenting the discussion results (Source: SRD)

According to statistics, overall, there are over 400 business enterprises owned by PwD and more than 15,000 workers with disabilities. In particular, Vietnam Blind Association (VBA) managed 146 enterprises which create jobs for approximately 4,000 PwD. Obtaining a VND 31-billion grant from The National Fund for Jobs, VBA has offered loans for around 13,000 of its members to help them start up and expand their business. Moreover, roughly 65% of families of PwD enjoy preferential policies for supporting business such as tax exemptions, easier access to low-cost credit and production land.

Compared with other areas in Gio Linh district, Gio Hai, Gio My commune and Gio Linh town have highest number of PwD. However, at the same time, their figures for unemployment rate of PwD are among the highest. Weak health conditions, difficulties in mobilization and poor financial conditions of their family can be named as some factors that cause this problem. In addition, it often takes longer time for PwD to acquire new skills and knowledge and put them into practice. Therefore, enterprises still hesitate about hiring PwD, which has posed a significant employment obstacle for PwD.

In order to increase job opportunities for PwD, actions are need from many stakeholders and the PwD themselves. In term of vocational training, it is important for vocational centers to understand that the PwD's learning is for doing not for knowing. It is necessary to recognize capability of PwD as well as their strengths so as to design suitable trainings. Furthermore, the Government could facilitate PwD's participation in the workforce by providing preferential policies for job training centers, promoting the products made by PwD to domestic and international firms, individuals, etc. As for PwD, their passion for work and determination to integrate in the society play crucial role in enabling them to overcome job barriers.

vocational orientation 2

A picture of the workshop’s participants (Source: SRD)

During 2-day workshop, the facilitator has introduced the PwD to a number of appropriate jobs and vocational training centers in local areas. The open discussion among participants has also revealed some jobs of PwD's interest including cook, veterinarian, tailor, electronic repairing or small household business. In the near future, the project will provide them with greater access to job training and occupational opportunities that match their ability and passion.

"When PwDs are able to find a job, they can demonstrate and strengthen their role in the society. Therefore, instead of becoming a burden, they can fulfill the rights and responsibilities of citizens as other people", said Mr. Le Van Tu – the Head of PwD club of Gio Linh town.


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