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A chance for people with disabilities

From 27th to 29th of July 2013, the project VM041 "Supporting people with disabilities” (PwD) in Gio Linh District, Quang Tri Province has organized 3 trainings in home based rehabilitation at three communes of Gio My, Gio Linh and Gio Hai. The participants are 84 people with disabilities and those whose relatives are sufferred from cerebral palsy and movement difficulties.

Participating in the project, PwD were provided quarterly home-based physical rehabilitation by physical therapists. In the training courses, through analyzing the common practices that PwD and their relative usually do at home or at rehabilitation center, the physical therapist (PT) pointed out their inaccurate methods of rehabilitation in general and physical therapy in particular. It’s noteworthy that due to their lack of knowledge about physical therapy rehab exercises, the PwD’s impairments are getting worse.

The training course focused on physical therapy practical skills. From 2 to 4 PWD belonging to 2 main groups namely cerebral palsy and movement difficulties were invited to the training in each commune. Therefore, participants in the training could quickly understand and practiced the rehabilitation skills that they had learnt. In addition, they were provided with knowledge and skills in a wide range of fields such as communication between disabled children and their family members, life skill for people with mental retardation, how to control children's behaviors, using visual aids in rehabilitation and physical exercises for paralyzed limbs, etc.

Thanks to the knowledge and skill from the training course, PwD and their care givers could rehabilitate on their own, and therefore gradually improve their spiritual and physical wellness. The training course not only empowered the PwD to change their life but also build their confidence in integrating into the community.

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