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Forum on Community Forest Management – Forest Fire Protection

The communes of Mui Tai, Bon Pho, Nam Muong and Chieu Pha in Thuan Chau district have been selected for the project "Mitigation and adaptation to climate change in the field of agriculture and forestry sector of the northwest highlands". Currently, the area of 04 project communes is facing a lack of livelihood securit. Furthermore, there is still a difficult in the enforcement of the law and forest patrol. In addition, forest management and protection are inefficient because of the lack of knowledge about organizing and operating in forest management and protection. Therefore, there still have been inadequacies that have not promoted the participation and responsibility of the people.

In order to improve the capacity and raise awareness of local people in 04 communes on community forest management, the Centre for Sustainable Rural Development (SRD) has coordinated with Son La Forest Protection Department, Thuan Chau District People's Committee, Thuan Chau Forest Protection Sub-Department  to organize 04 Forums on Community Forest Management – Forest fire prevention in 04 communes of Muoi Noi, Bon Phang, Nam Lau and Chieng Pha, Thuan Chau District, Son La Province.


Representatives of Son La Provincial Forest Department shared about the situation of forest fires in the locality

The forum was held from May 28-31 at the People's Committee hall and in the fields of 04 project communes, attracting 187 participants from SRD, Thuan Chau District People's Committee, Son La Sub-Department of Crop Production and Plant Protection, Son La Forest Protection Department, Son La Provincial Center for Rural and Clean Water and Environmental Sanitation, Thuan Chau Forest Protection Sub-Department and representatives of the People's Committee of 04 project communes.

In the hall, theories about the types of forest fires, the conditions of forest fires along with the knowledge about forest fire prevention, forest fire fighting, and safety principles prevention were provided and conveyed by experts. Thereby also reviewing the fire prevention and fighting work that has been implemented in the locality.


         Representatives of Thuan Chau District Forest Ranger District spoke about the importance of commanders in a fire

People participated in discussing the fire prevention and fighting and the importance of the leaders and the communication activities to prevent forest fires efficiently.

At the field, participants were introduced to various types of forest fire fighting equipment and situations leading to forest fires.

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Forest firefighting equipment is introduced                     

Furthermore, the expert came up with the hypothetical situation: "A couple burned the land for cultivation, the fire encountered high winds that lead to forest fire. The community and the departments coordinated to fight forest fires"


Using all available items, ready to put out the fire

z3489790769715_668d3e8c115be29825c17f2fde388d46.jpgz3489790791899_c9a300a749896fa6475f40e6c5470600.jpg                Community and local authorities join hands to fight forest fires                      

Experiencing the situations rehearsed at the forum, participants are enhanced their skills in forest fire prevention. Community-based forest management is promoted, and the responsibilities and obligations of the community are also enhanced. In addition, the Community Forest Management Forum also strengthens the link between local authorities and village communities in the management, protection and development of forests.


                        Project manager delivers closing speech

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