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Celebrating the Vietnam Day of Persons with Disabilities 2022

On April 17 and 18, the Centre for Sustainable Rural Development (SRD) collaborated with Gio Linh District People's Committee to organize a communication activity with the theme: "Integration and Adaptation – Shaping a Future". There were more than 600 members from 12 clubs of People with Disabilities (PWDs) and representatives of People's Committees in 10 communes of the district who participated in a number of exciting activities with clear positive messages such as stories of significant changes, welcome performances, and theatre-based plays. In addition, there was a session of questioning and exchange between clubs on the inclusive disaster risk management, the law of PWDs, and their impression and changes thanks to their participation in the project over the past years.  

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Mr. Tran Ngoc Triem, a member of Gio Chau Commune PWDs club excitedly said, “We are more than happy to participate in this interesting and meaningful program. I especially enjoy the skits that have conveyed many thoughts and messages on behalf of the PWDs, inspiring people with disabilities like me to overcome inferiority complex and become more confident in life."  

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Mr. Le Van Tu - Head of the Club of PWDs in Gio Linh town shared emotionally: "Thanks to participating in the project, from a person with low self-esteem in social communication, I have had many opportunities to partake in training in soft skills, and I have now improved a lot and have a stable career. I have also learned many valuable lessons, which is whether with or without disabilities, everyone should make efforts on his/her own. PWDs themselves even have to make more effort and be confident that they can achieve their goals. Every small change made every day is a great success.”  

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Mrs. Hoang Thi Lan, Deputy Head of the Project Steering Committee, said: “The program is significantly meaningful when everyone integrates, opens up, and overcomes the barrier of low self-esteem. Most of PWDs are living in difficult circumstances, so they do not have the opportunity to participate in many activities like this. However, with this event, they can finally confidently rise in the spirit of the April 18th, 2022 theme: "Integration and Adaptation – Shaping a future”.  

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Communication activity organized within the project “Empowering People with Disabilities” funded by Caritas Australia and the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) through the Centre for Sustainable Rural Development (SRD) - 2019-2022 period, in Gio Linh district, Quang Tri province.  

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