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Safeguarding is the responsibility of every individual

From 12-14 April 2022, the Safeguarding Policies and Mainstreaming Workshop was organized by the Centre for Sustainable Rural Development (SRD) with the technical and financial support from sponsor Caritas Australia. The Workshop was organized for all SRD staff to participate in sharing, discussing, and understanding the Safeguarding and Protection Policies and their importance. In addition, a suitable receiving–dealing mechanism to ensure a safe working environment for all parties was discussed.

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At the Workshop, participants learned about the concepts of Safeguarding. Accordingly, Safeguarding means ensuring that the rights of vulnerable people are protected in society, preventing them from suffering such things as neglect or abuse. Protection is the central part of Safeguarding and welfare improvement – this is the process of protecting individuals who are identified as being at risk and vulnerable due to abuse or neglect.

In addition, the seminar participants also took part in group exercises, discussions, and presentations on issues and situations related to safety policies. Along with the mentioned situations, the participants understand more about their responsibilities in implementing safety measures for the people around, especially as an NGO member. In addition, the implementation and integration of the Safeguarding policy are also discussed to update and integrate appropriately into the current regulations of SRD, while ensuring the criteria that donors pose with the organization.

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Here are some of the opinions and feelings of the members after two days of attending the Workshop:

“The seminar on Safeguarding is extremely useful. In the past, I only knew some of the foundation knowledge on this topic. However, after listening to the sharing from the facilitator, representatives of the CA as well as partaking in group discussions, I understood clearly and fully.  I realize that I can respond, prevent, and share more responsibly with those around them when they detect any possible risks.”

"Practical. Useful. Understanding Safeguarding and Protection is necessary for everyone. The case exercises help visualize how to respond, handle appropriately, and gain more confidence in performing daily activities along with the trust for the organization.”

“The training is very useful, can be applied not only in work but also in life, it helps us to identify and distinguish inappropriate behaviors.”

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“Your sharing and positive feelings are like an incentive for me as a facilitator. I believe that, with the way SRD operates, and with the young force that SRD has, surely SRD will have a more successful orientation to implement the Centre’s programs and projects." Sharing of Ms. Tran Thu Thuy – facilitator of the training workshop.

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During the final speech at the Workshop, Ms. Vu Thi Bich Hop, Director of SRD Center affirmed that: “As a local organization, SRD shows professionalism when we committed with donors and stakeholders to fully implement the requirements of the safeguarding policy. This is the first time that the employees of the organization be able to share this topic to build and develop the organization, to be more connected as a family."

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