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The first Vietnam – EU Joint Forum on Trade and Sustainable Development


On November 12, 2021, the first meeting between Domestic Advisory Groups (DAGs) and the Trade and Sustainable Development (TSD) Committee of both sides under the European Union – Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) was held in face-to-face and online form with the support of Ministry of Industry and Trade, Chairman of DAG Vietnam and Chairman of DAG EU.


The TSD Committees of the two sides have updated information on the process of setting operational regulations for experts as well as the list of individuals who are willing and able to participate in accordance with Articles 13.7(2) and 13.7(3) under the EVTA. Regarding Vietnamese side, there was an update on information related to the establishment of DAG Vietnam as well as activities, including activities of the DAG Secretariat and preparation for the expansion of members.

The TSD Committees provided a joint report on the performance related to such relations as Trade and Workers, Trade and Climate, Trade and Environment, and Trade and Fisheries. The report has clarified the points that have been implemented, and challenges that need to be solved in the coming period. Although, both sides have agreed that the implementation of the EVFTA takes time, the two sides hope the Agreement to be fully implemented.

After the report of TSD Committee, the Chairman of DAG Vietnam gave a speech highlighting the achievements of the DAG Vietnam over the past time such as developing operational regulations, electing the Chairman (Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry) and Vice Chairmen (Centre for Sustainable Rural Development, and Institute of Workers and Trade Unions), and the DAG’s general plan. Furthermore, Leaders of DAG Vietnam also expressed the desire of expansion of members so there are more activities that could be implemented, particularly information exchange in order to consult with both sides in the implementation of the EVFTA.


Finally, members of both sides gave their opinions. In terms of EU, delegates focused on asking questions about the process of the implementation of the EVFTA and VPA/FLEGT in accordance with the principles and objectives. The most concerned topics were about workers as well as the role of CSOs in the implementation and monitoring of the two Agreements.


Although there was not much time, the two sides informed each other about the implementation progress as well as clarified the process of establishing DAG Vietnam, and the progress of Vietnam joining the Conventions of the International Labor Organization (ILO). In general, both sides reached an agreement to continue cooperating to bring the Agreement into effect fully and in accordance with the objectives set by the two sides.

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