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Meeting to share technology in forest change monitoring system

SRD collaborated with the Forest Protection Department and the Scientific and Technical Association for Forest Protection and Biodiversity Conservation of Quang Tri Province to organise a quarterly meeting to share forest change monitoring results among community-based organizations (CBOs) and FCIM members in three project communes on October 29 and 30, 2021. There were 47 participations from 12 CBOs in three communes Ba Nang, Dakrong and Huong Hiep) and the District Forest Protection Department.


The result of the meeting following the report of the community patrol groups, in the last quarter reflected: (i) two CBOs of Ba Nang communes carried out 8 patrols (of which 3 as planned and 5 to verify the change points) and detected 9 points (including areas with landslides, people in the forest, burning and clearing forests, encroaching on forest land, etc.); (ii) 4 CBos of Dakrong commune carried out 37 patrols (of which 32 as planned and 5 to verify the change points) and detected 18 points (including areas with landslides, burning fields, etc.) fields and suspected wild animal traps, etc.); (iii) 6 CBOs of Huong Hiep commune carried out 60 patrols (in which 35 as planned and 5 to verify the change points) and detected 5 points (including points of shifting cultivation and mining). forest waterfall, etc.). The findings were recorded and submitted to the CFMS system as well as reported at end of every month to relevant levels such as the Commune People's Committee and local forest rangers for timely actions.

In general, in the last quarter and preparation for the upcoming quarter plan. Mr. Le Phuoc, Deputy Head of the Dakrong District Forest Protection Department highly appreciated the periodic and ad-hoc forest patrol trips by the CBOs in accessing and using the CFMS application to help provide public two-way information to the stakeholders; and emphasized that the responsibility to protect the forest belongs to the community and the forest owners. The forest protection and management activities of the parties participating in the project have become more convenient and more effective compared to the previous time and to other communes. In the coming time, the CBOs and Forest Change Independent Monitoring network (FCIM) will continue to carry out planned and ad-hoc patrolling trips if any information is detected.


The activity was organized within the framework of the project "Dialogue on Sustainable Forest Development" in Dakrong district, Quang Tri province, which was funded by UNDEF through the Centre for Sustainable Rural Development (SRD).

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