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Organizing sharing forum for livelihood interest groups

Organizing sharing forum for livelihood interest groups” is an activity conducted on May 15, 2020by the Centre for Sustainable Rural Development (SRD) for groups and households having people with disabilities receiving livelihood support in 9 project communes. Twenty members of the six groups and households participating in livelihood improvement had a day to exchange, share information and learn about market access for local agricultural products. Through the forum, PwDs could share not only experiences, but also learn how to systematically organize, manage and operate when working together in groups or whithin households.

Mrs. H.T.B, who is a member of the Gio An PwDs Club and a member of online business group, shared: “There was a lot of good information in the forum and we are able to apply some guidelines despite our small scale business. We need time to learn and apply as well as improve business skills to generate income. ”

Mr. N.X.T, who is Vice head of Trung Son PwDs Club and Head of Trung Son livelihood group, shared: “The information provided in the forum sounds great that it helps people know how to work progressively. However, the group need time to adjust. We used to share equally the profits earnt but it is different now that the one who works more, he earns more. It is thus equal for everyone and we also need to save some for reinvestment as well as contingency for risks if any.”

This activity is implemented within the framework of the project "Empowering People with Disabilities" funded by Caritas Australia and DFAT.

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