Raising Awareness about Policies on Payments for Forest Environmental Services

From 2014 the payments for forest environmental services (PFES) were organized in the Ve and Xop Pu Village, Yen Na Commune, Tuong Duong District, Nghe An Province by the local authorities. In addition, the activities on community-based forest protection were implemented in these areas in the framework of the program “Vietnam Forests and Deltas” (VFD) – funded by USAID through Winrock International, in collaboration with SRD and other organizations.

Activities in these villages aim to support local people – forest owners in particular – to raise their awareness on PFES, as well as effectively use PFES money and participate in the forest protection. To this end, SRD, in collaboration with the VFD steering committee and the Forest Protection and Development Fund (FPDF) from Nghe An Province, held a communications event on PFES in these two villages from January 21st to 22nd, 2016. The event drew the attention of more than 150 local people and forest owners (mostly Thai and Kho Mu ethnic).

IMG 4132

The event drew the attention of more than 150 local people and forest owners (mostly Thai and Kho Mu ethnic).

The main activities of the event included the introduction of teams participating in the skits competition on PFES, and exchanges and Q&A with the audience to answer questions on PFES (by representatives from the provincial FPDF and the protection forest management board). Alternating between contests was some entertainment performed by local people, creating an exciting atmosphere for the event.


A skit performed by local people on PFES

The event was all the more meaningful because, on this occasion, the forest ranger from Tuong Duong District paid the forest owners from the two villages for the forest environmental services in 2016.

IMG 4073

IMG 4216

The Q&A on PFES in the event

Representatives from the People’s Committee and the protection forest management board of Tuong Duong District and the Yen Na Commune People’s Committee highly appreciated the event’s significance. After the event, the program would broadcast threads about PFES on village radio stations.


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