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Nguyen Thi Hoa

Deputy Director

"Working with farmers, getting to know and understand the realities of their lives and their difficulties has been an invaluable experience over the past ten years with CIDSE and SRD. This experience helps me to better apply my skills and knowledge to support them. One's idea of happiness might be different than someone else's. For me, happiness is sharing my knowledge and giving a helping hand to those in need."
Ms Nguyen Thi Hoa was with CIDSE Vietnam for nine years, and has diverse experience including participatory planning, monitoring and evaluation, technology development and integrated pest management. Hoa also has skills in facilitating and conducting participatory rural appraisals and informal education for adults. In March 2006, Hoa was elected SRD Deputy Director by SRD staff.
Before joining CIDSE, she recieved her B.A. in Agriculture form the Vietnam Agriculture University (1976). Hoa then worked as a researcher at the National Institute for Agriculture Planning and Projection (NIAPP). She carried out various consultations including training on participatory technology development (PTD) and integrated pest management (IPM).
Hoa's work has also been enriched by a wide variety of training opportunities:
• Organic Agriculture, at Grolink AB (a certification body) in Sweden
• Monitoring and Certification for Organic Products, at Green Net (an organic agriculture development organization) in Thailand
• Developing Sustainable Agriculture according to Indigenous Knowledge, at APPROTECH ASIA in the Philippines
• IPM National Training, by FAO in Vietnam
• The Institutional Development and Organizational Strengthening by MDF Indochina in Hanoi
• Leadership and Management Skills, by TD&T in Vietnam



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