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Vu Thi Bich Hop

Executive Director 

"When SRD was established it inherited the wisdom of 28 years of operations from INGO - CIDSE Vietnam. I have gained valuable management and leadership experience since I joined CIDSE in 1998 as a senior manager and in 2005 as joint representative. I am proud to be a member of SRD's family. We work together well as a team and we share the common core values of participation, accountability and professional commitment. After many years of experience working for CIDSE, we also share a past. And with the commitment to make SRD a leading professional Vietnamese NGO, all of us share a future."
Ms. Vu Thi Bich Hop was elected by all staff to be the Executive Director at SRD's establishment in March 2006, and was re-elected in 2010.
Prior this time, Hop worked for The Ministry of Science and Technology for 13 years and for Vietnam IBM for one year as a manager. Then, she worked at CIDSE as a finane administrative director for 10 years and was appointed as a co-chief representative of CIDSE in 2015. She was also a consultant for UNDP, ADB and Action Aid for few years.
Hop holds a B.A. in Economics from the National Economics University, Hanoi, Vietnam (1983) and a post-graduate degree in Development Planning from The Institute of Social Studies, The Hague, The Netherlands (1993).
As the Executive Director of SRD, Hop serves as the chair of some Vietnamese NGO networks such as the Climate Change Network (VNGO&CC), which consists of more than 50 active Vietnamese NGOs nationwide, and the VNGO-FLEGT network of more than 30 Vietnamese NGOs nationwide . She was former chair of the People's Participation Working Group (PPWG) supported by UNDP and WB, and a former chair of The VNGO – Aid Effectivenss. Since June 2012, she has been a Board member of the Asia Pacific Research Network (APRN) and in October 2013, she was nominated to be the CSO's representative on UNREDD Vietnam's program executive board.
Hop has been invited as official delegate and speaker at a number of national, regional and global events like UNFCCC and its COP's side events, the UN high level forum on aid effectiveness, the World Bank's development report launch, etc.
Hop holds enormous knowledge from 15 years of experience in leadership and management as senior manager and leader, but also from high–level training courses such as:
• Program Design, Formulation and Management, MDF Training and Consultancy (The Netherlands), 2005
• Institutional Development and Organizational Strengthening (IDOS), MDF Training & Consultancy (The Netherlands), 2006
• The Art of Public Speaking, T&D Training Co., Vietnam (2006)
• Rights Based Approach, INTRAC, Oxford, UK (2006)
• Civil Society and Capacity Building: Changes, Challenges and Charting Future, INTRAC, Oxford, UK (2006)
• Partnership Development, INTRAC, Oxford, UK (2005)
• Civil Society Strengthening, INTRAC, Oxford, UK (2004)
• Management of Organizational Change, INTRAC, Oxford, UK (2002)
• NGO Leadership and Management - Community Development Resources Association (CDRA) of South Africa (2000, 2001)
• Strategic Financial Management for NGOs, by Mango, UK (2000)
• Advanced Training Course in Environmental Policy (2 months), JICA, Tokyo, Japan (1995)
• Refresh Training Course on Human Resource Management, ISS (The Hague) and The University of The Philippines (1995)


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