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Equipping poor and single women with soft skills

"This is the first time I have been confident to talk to the public", Ms. Le Thi Hoa in Nam Tien Village, Hai Ninh Commune shared in the training workshop on soft skills of Presentation – Negotiation, Management – Leadership, and Information – Right to accessing to information.

In the three days from 14th to 16th of May, 2016, the "Towards a sustainable livelihood of the poor single women - headed household by applying climate-smart agriculture approach in Tinh Gia District, Thanh Hoa Province" project organized a training workshop on soft skills of group management and leadership, presentation and negotiation, information collection with the participation of 30 women from the two communes of Ninh Hai and Hai Ninh, Tinh Gia District. The training workshop aimed to enable the poor and single women-headed households to confidently manage their community groups and family's living.
How to prepare a presentation, public speaking tips, confidence, presenting in a conference and some common mistakes in presenting were provided in the module of presentation skill. The activities of group discussion, individual presentation, and watching videos helped the participants apply this knowledge into practice.

IMG 2634
Practicing presentation skill

In the module of negotiation skill, a practical case study was shown that helped the trainees to practice negotiating the price of chicken and the sophora japonica with purchasing agencies, what tactics should be necessary and what issues should be avoided. After the case study, the two interest groups of raising chicken and planting sophora japonica built their implementation plans for the coming months, including strengthening the operation, selecting key members, looking for buyers, mutually supporting in developing household livelihoods, and duplicating models to other women.

IMG 2702

Practicing negotiation skill through the exercise of negotiating the price of sophora japonica with buyers

The management and leadership skill was taught through group games such as building a house and a bridge. During the game, group leaders were in charge of group steering, time management, monitoring to ensure all member's participation, decision making, etc. As a requirement of the game, each leader chose one leadership styles like autocratic and dictatorial leadership or democratic leadership. Through the exercise, some difficulties in operation and problems in member relations of community-based groups were shown to discuss and find solutions.

IMG 2811

Team working in building a house

Ms. Pham Minh Chau, Quang Trung Village, Hai Ninh Commune shared in the class: "I am very excited to join the workshop. My most interest is about the right to access to information. Due to the class, I knew what kind of information I could or could not access. This is my first time I have joined a training class like this and I really like it."
Three-day training not only provided poor and single women numerous skills but also helped them to temporarily get free from their hard housework, taking care of their children and other daily works. Therefore, they can fully join and focus on the class. "Those are precious days for us", Mrs. Hien, a participant from Hanh Phuc Village, said.

Some other pictures captured in the class:

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