“This field trip helped us better understand how to use the Terra-I system and recognize the current situations and causes of deforestation so that we can come up with solutions to manage and protect forests in our locality ”- Mr. Lo Van Tien shared at the end of the field survey that took place on 11st and 12nd May in the forest area of Tam Thai and Tam Quang communes. Participants included 20 local people and forest protection officers, management boards of forest protection and social organizations of the area. After accessing the Terra-I website, and based on the warning levels of each deforestation site on the map, the participants selected the sites to be checked.
In the field, the trainees learnt how to use GPS, GPS Test and telephone ; how to determine the monitoring points in the field (longitude, latitude), how to observe and record monitoring information on the form. Although some students still have difficulties in using and filling in forms in the field at the first survey location, in the next sites it was possible for them to use and fill in the form/ survey/ questionnaire fluently without much guidance from the Terra-I expert.
After 2 days of fieldwork, some trainees were able to confidently use GPS, GPS Test, and telephone for forest inspection. Most of the trainees were able to observe the reality and fill in the field monitoring sheet, many were able to guide others in the group using GPS, GPS Test, smartphones with Google Map.








                                                                          Local people practiced using Terra-I at the field


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