On the 23rd and 24th of February 2019, within the cooperation plan between SRD and CRS to support the Association of People with Disabilities (PwD), Agent Orange Victims (AOV), PwD and children's rights protection of Quang Tri Province and its Association at the district level with an aim to develop a strategic development plan for the period of 2018 – 2023 by applying the ABCD (Asset Based Community Development) method, a follow up training was organized in Hai Lang district, Quang Tri province.

       There were 36 participants including the CRS Project Management Board of Hai Lang district, the beneficiary communes and other stakeholders such as the Health Center, the Department of Education and Training, the Association of Agent Orange and the representatives of parents' groups of children with disability (CwD) from 5 project communes consisting of Hai Lam, Hai Tan, Hai Thien, Hai Tho, and Hai Quy. The representative of CwD parents' group of Gio My commune, Gio Linh District also shared their experiences in using social network for fundraising and communication.

       By practicing different tools, the participants actively discussed and explored their own natural, physical, human, social, cultural and financial assets availably. Based on that and with accumulated experience and achievements during nearly 3-year implementing the CRS project titled "Inclusion of children with disabilities through joint actions between local government and civil society organizations" ", the participants drafted an immediate action plan as well as the plan till 2020 with an expectation of a better future for children with disabilities.
       Although the training course was held during the weekend, all the members participated and responded positively. "It provides us useful information and warm-up games. We hope for more opportunities to learn further from the project", one of the members said.


Here is some photos of the training course:

IMG 0039

The representative of profiect management board in Hai Tho commune shared about the plan

IMG 9890


The discussion of project management board in Hai Lang commune


IMG 9998


The representative of project management board in Hai Quy commune shared about the future orientation based on the available resource


IMG 0056

A picture of the partcipants during the training course

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