In the internet era, agriculture 4.0 is mentioned a lot. People with disabilities (PWDs)) and their caregivers in ​​Gio Linh district, where are the convergence of traditional farmers whose face is often down to the earth while back up to heaven for the whole year and whose hope is favorable weather for better crops. The story of having bumper crop but devalue and vice versa, or the fact that people struggle to find the ways to access to the market to sell their products without negotiation with traders, avoiding price squeezing is a common problem.

During the discussion and formation of farmer interest groups to improve and to develop livelihoods, the idea of doing business online was come up that local agricultural products will be introduced and connected to the market with offline stores selling directly.

On April 28, 2020, the Centre for Sustainable Rural Development (SRD) in collaboration with the People's Committee of Gio An Commune and Mr. L P H - who is experienced in investing and developing agricultural products in the area, in starting an online and offline business. A training was organized for the management board and members of the livelihood group of Gio An PWDs Club on content, principles, requirements, lessons learned, proposing some suggestions and experience to start the business of the group. The goal is to help the group members get used to the new method of doing business, to know and access to online markets and customers, to connect and introduce agricultural products from other livelihood groups as well as make used of results from other activities such as photo-voice, story-telling and writing advertisement for the products. The group aims to promote inclusion, reduce dependencies, increase confidence in other aspects of life and contribute to improving incomes for PwDs and their families.

Mrs. T.T.T - member of the group shared: “Through this training, I myself learned how to do business without investing a lot of capital, knowing more about interesting and useful things. Based on the trainer’s suggestion, I can introduce other essential products to others that are related to my previous career, I feel very excited and will plan to implement if possible”.

Ms. H.T.M.S shared: “I have not yet done any business, my sister often makes and sells jams and starch. After this training I will discuss with my sister and we can start an online business together”. 

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