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From 8-11 June 2018, The Centre for Sustainable Rural Development (SRD) in collaboration with its project partners organized two campaigns to respond to the WDCD from the United Nation (UN).

Being concerned the negative impacts of desertification, which is going on over the world in general and Vietnam in particular, SRD and local authorities in the two provinces in Vietnam namely Quang Nam and Son La conducted a series of activities with the aim at raising awareness of the community about preventing land from desertification.

Two participants are planting pine in the bare hill

Two participants are planting pine in the bare hill

The main event of SRD's WDCD was in Central Province of Vietnam, on the 8th June, SRD together with the Centre for Agriculture Extension Quang Nam held an outdoor Campaign to introduce the meanings of WDCD and serious consequences of degradation caused by desertification to land resource. Roughly 100 peoples both male and female, most participants are young from different local districts attended this event. After the Campaign, the participants went to the bare land and hill to plant 01 ha of the forest trees.
A female student at high school, Ms.Lan said: "It is the first time I join the event, through this event I can understand the land degradation is a serious problem around the world, as a future generation, my friend and I have to contribute more to the stopping desertification".


SRD and Quang Nam Agriculture Extension support farmer to
intercrop medical plants to prevent soil from erosion

The young union in Quang Nam respond the WDCD by planting tree-compressed

The Quang Nam Provincial youth union responds the WDCD by planting tree

The second event was in Son La province-the home of many ethnic minorities in the Northern mountainous area of Vietnam, SRD conducted the WDCD by gathering local people to deliver a training on how to produce the compost to fertilize soil on the 11th June. About 40 people attended the training and most of them are Thai ethnic people.

When finishing the training, the participants went to a hill garden of a member in the community to practice on producing compost and use it to increase the soil fertility for sustainable land use. Farmers also replanted new fruit trees to protect land and improve the livelihood of local people.

Thai ethnic people are using compost to fertilize the soil in their hill garden-compressed

Thai ethnic people are using compost to fertilize the soil in their hill garden

As a leading NGO in environmental protection and sustainable natural resource management, SRD commits to pursue its mission, by contributing to reducing and ending desertification over the world and Vietnam specifically. SRD will continue to support the WDCD in the coming years through our project activities over provinces of Vietnam.

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