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Herbicides & high toxicity plant chemicals Limitation – challenging but indispensable!

Responding to the CPAM report announcement event in the Asia Pacific regions launched by PAN-AP, on 27th April 2018, the Center for Sustainable Rural Development (SRD), Phu Luong District People's Committee and the Research Centre for Gender, Famiy and Environment in Development (CGFED) jointly organized the "Regional Report Launch on Community-Based Pesticide Action Monitoring (CPAM) in Thai Nguyen and Nam Dinh Province -Seeking solutions for promoting of agro-ecological activities in Phu Luong district, Thai Nguyen province ".

The event welcomed 97 delegates from Thai Nguyen Agricultural Extension Center, Sub-Department of Agriculture and Plant Protection, Phu Luong District People's Committee, leaders of Phu Luong Agriculture, Extension and Protection Department; as well as farmers from 8 communes, tea and vegetables production cooperatives and groups in compliance to VietGap standards and medicinal plants to GACP-WHO standards, chicken raising with red worms, etc.

Apart from the presenting on CPAM report results in Hai Hau district, Nam Dinh province, and in Phu Luong district, Thai Nguyen province carried out by SRD and CGFED in 2017, there were 11 sharings on safe agricultural production from 11 groups and cooperatives. At the event,a safe and organic products display includes green tea, herbal medicine, and honey from these groups was successfully organized. The report results on the use of plant protection chemicals in both Phu Luong and Hai Hau District showed the challenges for the authority agencies and farmers in limiting and monitoring the use of harmful pesticides and herbicides. For years, farmers have been using high toxicity pesticides such as Paraquat, Glyphosate, Chlopyrifos, Deltamethrin, Cypermethrin, Lambda-Cyhalothrin, etc. While the monitoring and supervision of local authorities failed due to staff shortage and mechanism. However, many participants expressed optimistic about the positive changes in recent year since the implementation of PAN-AP's project activities, as well as the policies on promoting clean agriculture of Thai Nguyen People's Committee and Phu Luong District People's Committee, which gradually altered the perception and behavior of many households when using chemical pesticides in agriculture.

Mr. Pham Binh Cong - Chairman of Phu Luong People's Committee said, "Phu Luong district is keeping pace with clean and safe production trends. Over the past 3 years, with the help of SRD and donors such as PAN-AP, Manos Unidas (Spain), people and even high school students equipped with meaningful information on the harms of herbicides and pesticides through numerous communication events and technical training courses on ecological agriculture such as SRI cultivation; utilizing agricultural by product to produce organic compost and red worms; guiding people and pupils to make their own bio-pesticides. Phu Luong District decided to inherit and expand the application of raising red worm model and using organic byproduct compost to neighboring areas with a financial support of more than 200 million VND. By the end of 2017, we will continue to spend up to 800 million VND to scale up SRI rice cultivation, green tea production, medicinal plant production, VietGap vegetable production models and invest in 50 hectares of organic green tea in 2018".

Mrs. Nguyen Kim Ngan – SRD's Executive Director shared her impression with the initial achievements that Phu Luong District People's Committee and farmers in project communes have made so far in the application of agricultural ecological cultivation techniques to produce clean agricultural products, minimize the use of herbicides, pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Mrs. Ngan also encouraged a strong cooperation between local authorities, private company and farmers for further application of science and technology in ecological farming, and at the same time, looking for markets and creating brands for local agricultural products.

At the end of the workshop, it was agreed by all participants to continue to produce eco-friendly, clean and safe agricultural products, create good models and production groups to communicate, inspire, and spread the restriction and elimination of herbicide and pesticide consumption. Such outcomes require the cooperation of local authorities, relevant departments, cooperatives and companies with a favorable environment for more and safer products for the consumers. All participants in the workshop were impressed with reports, sharing and clean agricutural products displayed in the workshop.

Ong Pham Binh Cong

Mr. Pham Binh Cong - Chairman of Phu Luong People's Committee

Ba Ngan

Mrs. Nguyen Kim Ngan – SRD's Executive Director speaks at the workshop

 Ba Thuy CGFED

Mrs. Nguyen Kim Thuy - CGFED's Director and Mr. Bui Quoc Quan - SRD's Program Officer present on the 2017 CPAM report results in Nam Dinh and Thai Nguyen Province

Ong Vuong Chi cuc

Mr. Luong Van Vuong - Head of Thai Nguyen Sub-Department of Plantation and Plant Protection

Nong dan tre

Representatives of young farmers share about their green tea, vegetable, medicinal plants and chicken models in compliance to VietGap and other organic standards

2 nong dan

Two among many farmers share their opinions at the workshop

goc trung bay

The organic product and publications display 

anh tap the

Group photo of workshop participants

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