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Manos Unidas, a donor of SRD, had a meeting with leaders of People's Committee (PC) of Quang Nam during their visit to Quang Nam from 25th to 26th October 2017. Mr. Le Tri Thanh, Vice Chairman of PC received and shared potentiality of herbal medicine development as a mean of income generation for local mountainous & midland inhabitants. There were several policies and mechanism for local people and enterprises to develop herbal medicine. Local authority not only encouraged local communities to plant traditional medicine in their gardens, but also intentionally prioritized to plant herbal medicine under forest's shade to implement forest protection and management policy in Quang Nam. Project "Livelihood improvement for poor peasants through market-oriented herbal medicine planting" at Phu Ninh district, funded by Manos Unidas and implemented by SRD and Quang Nam Unions of science and technology associations, was regarded as appropriate with local policy and people's need.
A representative of Manos Unidas, Ms. Patricia, in charge of ASEAN region, thanked Mr. Chairman for his hospitality and time spending with the team. She greeted local development strategy that kept balance between nature protection and income generation. Mr. Patricia also shared her impression after the visit to local communes and consumption enterprises; project implementation progress and active participation of people in Tam Dai and Tam Loc villages, Phu Ninh district with demonstration of planting solanum procumbens and red turmeric; particularly holistic approach applied in every project stage such as interest group formulation, study tour for experience exchange, technical training, in-place monitoring and support with participation of local households, market connection through contracts with private company. Ms. Patricia expected that the project would enhance people's income and good results from the project would be scaled up to other location in Quang Nam.
Director of SRD, Ms. Vu Thi Bich Hop, proposed local leaders to scale up good demonstration tested in two communes of the project by using provincial budget or other sponsorship. Moreover, Ms. Hop suggested provincial leaders to review feasibility research report on community-based tourism model, that was completed by SRD and Evergreen, to integrate into the Truong Son Xanh program funded by USAID. That suggestion was totally agreed by local leaders.


The meeting of Manos Unidas, SRD director and the Vice Chairman of Quang Nam People's Committee




The delegation visits a household participating in the project of planting solanum procumbens in Tam Dai Commune


The delegation visits the medicinal plant nursery of Quang Nam Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company




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