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Implementing the model of rice transplanting adaptation to climate change (CAR)

Within the framework of the project "Mitigating and adapting to climate change in the agricultural and forestry sector of the Northwestern Highlands" the Centre for Sustainable Rural Development (SRD) has cooperated with the Sub-Department of Plant Protection and Conservation, and the People's Committee of Thuan Chau district in providing the people with knowledge and skills on rice farming to adapt to climate change and reduce the emission of greenhouse gas in agricultural production.



Implementing the model of rice transplanting adaptation to climate change (CAR) in Phang village, Bon Phang commune, Thuan Chau district

The project is implemented in 4 communes: Bon Phang, Muoi Noi, Chieng Pha, and Nam Lau, with the goal of changing farmers' awareness through building models of agricultural crops, using organic fertilizers, implementing irrigation water management, and managing pests, only spraying pesticides when necessary, giving priority to using biological pesticides.

In the process of rice farming adapting to climate change, it is necessary to follow some key factors such as: maximizing savings in production costs; applying synchronous solutions to help plants be healthy and high in quality; applying technical measures to save water in irrigation while increasing the drought tolerance of rice. Although the above measures are not new, they will help farmers to apply correctly and synchronously the farming model to adapt to climate change, as well as increase production efficiency.

In the coming time, we expected that the farmers participating in the project will simultaneously play the role of propagandist, actively mobilize and guide people in villages and 4 communes in replicating the model of sowing and transplanting rice to adapt to climate change, contribute to higher efficiency in production, and protect the environment sustainably.


Source: Thuy Hang - Son La Sub-Department of Plant Protection and Conservation

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