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Communication about living with COVID-19

From February 25th to 27th, 2022, the Centre for Sustainable Rural Development (SRD) has coordinated with the Project Steering Board (PSB) and the Club of People with Disabilities (PWDs) in Gio Quang, Gio Hai, Gio My, Trung Son communes, and Gio Linh town on updating information related to the Covid-19 pandemic and sharing how to care for F0 cases at home. The sharing also mentioned what should not do in the caring process and remarks for parents when their children go back to school in the context of the hectic epidemic. At this stage, living with the pandemic without being careless nor panicked.


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“I have been living with panic but felt less worried now after joining this activity to understand better how to live with the pandemic safely. The epidemic has been lasting for a long time, so we parents need to know in order to protect and take care of our children, wear a mask when going out and limit gathering if not necessary. Self-protection seems the best to follow” – Mrs. N.T.H, a mother of a child with disabilities (TKT) in Gio My commune.


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“By exchanging among the participants, I know more about self-preventive and protective measures to take care of my children. Too many saunas or steam-bath or medication, including supplements at the same time, is not advisable when having suspicious symptoms” – Mrs. H.B.T.Q, mother of a child with disabilities in Gio Quang commune.


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"I am clear now that we should not abuse sauna and only apply it when our body is healthy. It has been spreading that sauna is good for treating COVID-19 but in fact not. It could help disinfect and comfort us psychologically. " - Mrs. N.T.G, mother of a child with disabilities in Gio Hai commune.

“Before the Lunar New Year in Gio Linh town, whenever there was a new case, isolation barriers and warning signs could be seen as a warning for close interaction, but not at the moment. I was worried when approaching anyone with Covid-19 infection though they already fully recovered. With sharing in this activity, we are aware of and correctly understood of no discrimination. Instead, self-protection and adjustment of a number of our daily living habits are necessary” – Mr. N.T.H.L, PWD in Gio Linh town.


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“I have a nephew infant with Covid-19 infected detection. I thus felt confused and worried by being advised to treat him with a sauna. With explanation and guidance from the medical facilitator today regarding the caring process, hygiene, nutritious diet to increase resistance, I will share with my family members and contact the local health officials for support when needed” – Mr. THT, PWD in Trung Son commune.

Communication activity was organized with many small groups and comply with the 5K regulation (mask - disinfection - no gathering - medical declaration and distance). There were 207 participants, including 125 people with disabilities and 82 caregivers. The activity was within the “Empowering people with disabilities” project in Gio Linh district, funded by Caritas Australia and DFAT through the SRD Centre.

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