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Increasing independence for PwDs and CwDs


    “We are glad to have a new toilet with bathroom, not only does my daughter has a place to use but the whole family can use it, too. We were living paycheck to paycheck so adding a toilet was out of reach, but thanks to the project, we had enough support to install one; my husband did the installation himself in the evenings with some help. The installation was quick, my teenage daughter now has a convenient toilet and bathroom to use and she was very excited because from now on she can take baths at daily time when she is at home”, said Mrs. Ly Thi Gai.

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Mrs. Gai smiling happily beside her new bathroom 

     Mrs. Gai is the mother of Th. Tr., a girl with mobility impairment in Gio Chau commune, Gio Linh district, Quang Tri province. The family has five people, including three children; they did not have a toilet and bathroom so they had to go outside or take a bath at night.

     “It is good to have a toilet plus bathroom, our daily life has been a bit easier because of it. Thanks to the project's support, my family borrowed some more money and decided to build a toilet plus bathroom with a concrete roof so that we can utilise it as a storm shelter when need instead of moving to someone else's house during a storm. In the past, I had to take baths in the evening and go to toilet in the garden, now it will be much more convenient not only for me to be able to take care of myself but also to do other housework” – Mrs. Pham Thi Hien, a person with mobility difficulty in Gio An commune.

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Mrs. Hien next to her brand new toilet

     The activity, which is within the framework of the Empowering People with Disabilities project, supports households with PwDs with the aims of improving living conditions, increasing independence for PwDs and CwDs, and reducing PwDs dependence on other family members.

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Project Steering Committee at commune and district level participated in the acceptance and handover of support from the project

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