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“Agro-biodiversity Conservation and Development for Poor Communities in Response to Climate Change” Project Closing Conference

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29 November 2020 marked the finalization of the Conservation and Development of Agro-biodiversity for Poor Communities in Respond to Climate Change project. After three years of implementation in Son La province, with funding from Bread for the World (BftW) and Manos Unidas, in collaboration with local agencies, SRD has successfully organized Project Closing Conference.

Attending the event were representatives from the Planting and Plant Protection Sub-Department (PPSD) of Son La; Mr Quang Van Dung, Chairman of Thuan Chau District People's Committee, representatives from the Thuan Chau District Division of Agriculture, leaders of two communes and 50 members of 8 interest groups (Climate-smart rice farming, indigenous chicken farming and sustainable coffee cultivation). From SRD, Mr Nguyen Phu Hung – Deputy Director of SRD cum Program Manager, Mrs Hoang Thi Sen - Project Manager, Mr Bui Quoc Quan and Ms Do Thi Thanh Ha - Program Officer participated in the conference.

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Over three years of implementation, from 2018 to 2020, the project has positively impacted hundreds of households in two communes of Muong Noi and Bon Phang, Thuan Chau district while expanding the number of indirect beneficiaries to hundreds of family, equivalent to thousands of people, in the communes and district. Visible technical results from the project include the increasing income of hundreds of households and the successful conservation of two indigenous rice varieties. After the project, the locals have changed their view on environment-friendly production, reducing costs and increasing productivity.

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In addition, the project has left positive social impacts. Women’s participation rate was very high throughout the project. The community has learned how to save money and how to build production plans. The project also contributed to strengthening the relationship between two communes and between local government and citizens.

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At the closing event, participants enjoyed Thai ethnic’s traditional music and dance performed by local women. The event became emotional when a video came up, summarizing the project's journey over three years on Northwest music, with each photo taken carefully selected by the SRD Officers.

The event has successfully closed the "Agro-biodiversity Conservation and Development for Poor Communities in Response to Climate Change" project and opened a new phase for the project in Son La, continue to contribute to the process of raising awareness and capacity for local communities in agricultural production to adapt to climate change and to protect and develop forests.

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