SRD in collaboration with donors and partners facilitated the launching of Cooperation Plan 2013 & Workshop on Climate Finance in Vietnam

On Tuesday, June 11th 2013, the Centre of Sustainable Rural Development (SRD) as the chair of Steering Committee of the Vietnam NGO and Climate Change network (VNGO & CC), in collaboration with the Department of Hydro-meteorology and Climate Change (DHMCC) under MoNRE and the Climate Change Working Group (CCWG), represented through CARE and OXFAM, facilitated the Launching of Cooperation Plan 2013 & Workshop on Climate Finance in Viet Nam.

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On behalf of the organizing agencies, SRD would like take this opportunity to thank all attendees for their interest and valuable contribution.  We were excited and very pleased that our workshop attracted the interest of more than 100 participants from a wide range of backgrounds. The engaged participation of so many highly qualified professionals with distinguished expertise enabled the conception and discussion of many innovative ideas and projects.

One of the major take-home messages from the workshop was the need for a more effective collaboration between government agencies from central to local level and NGOs, and we accordingly hope that many more fruitful discussions and collaborative brain-storming sessions will follow this very successful event. Climate Finance is among the key themes being discussed in climate change forums around the globe, and it is essential that the Vietnamese government will join forces with NGOs to make the most of available opportunities.

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SRD is pleased to share with you the list of workshop attendees, and would also like to provide you with the materials from the presentations and other relevant background information.

You will find background information and relevant material here.

Media coverage from the workshop can be found on the websites of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Vietnam Economic News ( and DAN TRI.


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