Community capacity building for better disaster preparedness

The project "Community Based Disaster Risk Mitigation and Climate Change Adaptation" in Huong Tra district, Thua Thien Hue province commenced in March this year, working with local authorities and local people in Huong Phong and Hai Duong lagoon communes.

This three-year project aims to develop the capacity of the local people to mitigate disaster and better respond to climate change through applying the community based disaster risk management approach.

Tran Thi Thanh Toan, Hue-based Program Manager, says that the project has already seen many actions implemented. "Six Rapid Response Teams have been created in two communes", she said. "The Rapid Response Teams will be the first port of call for the villagers in the case of a natural disaster. All team members have received training and are highly committed to assisting their communities cope with disasters."

All Rapid Response Team members have completed a two day first aid course, with indoor theory session and outdoor practical training. They were also trained in Communication Skills; how to talk with the community about the dangers of disasters, and how to mobilize and pursuade people to leave risky areas during disasters.

community capacity 1 

Rapid Response Team member during First Aid course

The six Rapid Response Teams have been officially introduced in their communes so that local people are ready to call for help during disaster season, and village disaster preparedness plans have been brought to the attention of villagers by Rapid Response Team members for discussion and agreement.

The next plans for the project include replicating this model in other villages, delivering basic rescue means to communities and establishing a warning information system through billboards and leaflets in particularly vulnerable areas. The project will also explore which adaptive livelihood models are relevant to the communes to assist local people in better adapting to climate change.

 community capacity 2

Rapid Response Team members practicing their skills


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