Gender training for SRD December 12th-13th, 2013

The sustainable management of community livelihoods requires SRD to have specific action to improve the capacity of communities, especially for women, who are disadvantaged in accessing and managing community and household resources. To accomplish this task, which requires all of SRD’s staff (including program department to other departments such as administration, finance) must to have knowledge and skills basic in gender, especially gender mainstreaming skill for regulations, policies, manuals of the organization as well as in its projects. For this reason, SRD organized a training course: “ Gender mainstreaming in organization” from the 12th-13th of December in Hanoi, in the framework of financial support of the project: “support to the participation of Ethnic minority in socio-economic development plan in period 2013-2015 (VM046)” and the professional support of CARE’s gender experts.

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The training course had two main goals: to provide basic knowledge and skills on gender as well as gender mainstreaming process in the programs and policies of the organization (in program manuals, in the organizational policies, in climate change and livelihoods). With the two goals above, beyond the general knowledge of gender, the lecturer guided trainees on gender mainstreaming throughout the project process, from gathering information, building project/program, completing the proposal of project to organization and implementation as well as monitoring and assessment. In additionally, trainees had chance to implement and review the manuals of the organization about program and human resources to find out the difference of gender in construction and policies of organizations. This practice is essential for SRD’s staff to develop gender policies as well as specific plans for gender mainstreaming.

Under the guidance of gender expert from CARE’s Mr. Truong Quang Hong, discussion groups to presented the results of their discussions which provided an opportunity for trainees to participate actively in the process. At the end of training day, lectures on the use of methods and knowledge were given, which gave each trainee the chance to share their feelings and expectations about the gender training course to help them further their knowledge and self-evaluation of training’s results.

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The atmosphere of training place was enthusiastic and lively, with positive discussions and presentations of results as well as criticism of the content. Methods and teaching skills of the lecturer expressed enthusiasm, creativity, easily understood, and good transfer of knowledge to trainees.

Ms. Duong- Human resource officer of SRD said: “After the gender training has helped us better understand about sex and gender as well as progress toward gender equality. This training course really useful for our organization as well as each individual attending this training”.


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