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Bread for the World’s visit to the project area “ Mangrove and climate protection combine with income generation for vulnerable communities - VM069“



The project “ VM069 – Mangrove and climate protection combined with income generation for vulnerable communities “ sponsored by Bread for the World and implemented with the leadership of the Center for Sustainable Rural Development (SRD), in collaboration with Ca Mau Department of Agricultural and Rural Development, Ca Mau Women’s Union and local partners, to enhance biodiversity protection and mangrove forest development, promote carbon sequestration, enhance climate resilience, and ensure sustainable livelihoods and social inclusion for poor and vulnerable communities in the Mekong River Delta.


In order to evaluate and share the results achieved by the project, and to discuss solutions and directions for the project in the near future, SRD has worked with local partners to organize a visit for the representative of Bread for the World (BftW) to the project implementation area.



The delegation was pleased to welcome Mr. Thomas Hirsch - Senior Advisor of Bread for the World, and Ms. Nguyen Ngoc Dung - Senior Program Officer, BftW Vietnam - Laos office. On the side of SRD, Ms. Vu Thi Bich Hop – the Center’s Director, Project manager and other project staff have joined the visiting delegation. The local partners include representatives of the Ca Mau Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Ca Mau Women's Union, Provincial Forest Protection Department, Mui Ca Mau National Park, Tam Giang Protection Forest Management Board, the government and people benefiting from the project.


During 2 working days, the delegation has visited the standard plots for carbon measurement, the current state of the forest, the livelihoods models in Tam Giang Protection Forest Management Board and Mui Ca Mau National Park. Witnessing the strong impact of climate change in the 2 project areas, Mr. Hirsch highly appreciated the project solutions being implemented, strengthening mangrove protection and enhancing its carbon stocks through the implementation of coordinated forest protection between the National Park, the Forest Management Board and the communities living directly on the forest plots, which are good solutions to limit the impacts of climate change. In addition to raising awareness, solutions to enhance livelihoods to adapt to climate change will also be necessary, ensuring not only the protection of the forest, but also stable livelihoods further adapted to climate change.



In the exchange meeting before the end of the visit, the sponsor's representative has thanked the project's thoughtful reception and local authorities. They highly appreciated the cooperation between SRD and the local partners in the implementation of the project, ensuring the project was on schedule and achieved its objectives. The achieved results and issues to be noted are also the necessary basis and premise for the development of the next phases of the Project.



On the side of SRD, Ms. Vu Thi Bich Hop – the Center’s Director has thanked the sponsors and local partners for supporting the project’s implementation in the past time. With its experience and strengths, SRD has made great efforts and worked hard to get the project going according to plan and goals, contributing positively to the communities in the two project areas. This tour contributes to further consolidate the achieved results of the project, opening an opportunity for SRD to strengthen links and coordination with localities to be able to implement future project activities and develop the project in the next stages.

On the side of local partners, Mr. Tran Van Thuc - Deputy Director of Ca Mau Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Head of the Project Coordination Working Group, has committed to coordinate with related departments and agencies in order to support SRD to better implement the project's activities in the coming time and to discuss together on finding solutions to develop appropriate policy mechanisms in order to ensure sustainability of locally piloted models.




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