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Establishing 14 Village Forestry Self-Management Groups (VFSMG), and facilitating 14 meetings on 3 topics (VM069)

From 06 to 17 June 2021, and from 15 to 21 September 2021, SRD has established 14 Villages Forestry Self-Management Groups (VFSMG) in project areas with the cooperation of the representatives of Tam Giang PFMB and Mui Ca Mau National Park. A total of 339 local people participated in the meeting (with 190 people from Tam Giang PFMB and 140 people from Mui Ca Mau National Park). 14 meetings was also carried out to i) elect the management board of VFSMG; ii) Develop strategy, operational mechanism, coordination mechanism to coordinate with Tam Giang PFMB and Mui Ca Mau National park on equal terms and iii) Combined forest monitoring and afforestation plan.

The list of group members has also been developed with the support of local officials. VFSMGs work in the direction of mobilizing communities to participate in supporting the National Park and the Tam Giang PFMB to protect and develop mangrove forests as well as enhance the ability of participatory forest carbon accumulation. Through the meeting, the roles, regulations and structure of VFSMG were also discussed. The establishment of 14 VFSMGs would contribute to institutionalizing the forest co-management system and enhancing the ownership capacity of households with forest contracts:

For more detailed information, you can refer to the report: 

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Thành lập VFSMG - đợt 1

Thành lập VFSMG - đợt 2

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